Fertility Square – The IVF Clinic

Sometimes when you have almost given up… God always creates a miracle or shine a ray of hope!
That has happened for us in the form of Dr. Manisha Kundnani – my Fertility Specialist.
It took me 5 years of struggle and countless visits & treatments with 3-4 Doctors to finally meet Dr. Kundnani & have my infertility/pregnancy issues get solved.
And because of her belief and expertise only, here I am blessed with a beautiful daughter (after 6 years of marriage) – that too a normal delivery with no complications.

I had IUI done and believe it or not, we got lucky in first attempt only. 🙂
Best part about Dr. Kundnani is she gives you individual attention, answer all your queries patiently, and is definitely not money minded. – She guides you with all the options available and will never influence you to select costly procedures without doing full diagnosis, case study and background study.  
She understands a patient’s state of mind & counsels them in between sessions – which has helped me immensely.

I am more than grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful phenomenon called – Motherhood.