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Semen Freezing / Sperm Cryopreservation
Semen freezing
Semen cryopreservation (commonly called sperm banking or sperm freezing) is a procedure to preserve sperm cells. Once frozen, these sperm cells stay arrested in this state for indefinite time period (or till they are thawed) and can be used for IVF Treatment and other fertility treatments anytime in future.
The various indications for semen cryopreservation include:

  • In semen banks- donor semen sample are cryopreserved, quarantined and then released as per demand by the fertility clinic.
  • For preserving fertility in men undergoing treatments that may compromise their fertility, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.
  • It is also useful for couples undergoing fertility treatment when husband is not available at the time of treatment. (staying or travelling abroad, undergoing any medical treatment or sickness etc.)
  • Many IVF Clinics freeze one semen sample as a backup when there is a doubt that husband may not be able to give a sample on the day of procedure because of stress / anxiety.