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Follicular Monitoring is an integral part of most Infertility Treatments including IUI and IVF. This includes a series of transvaginal ultrasounds which is used to assess the growth of follicles and endometrium. It can be done either in natural cycle or in ovulation induction cycle (for either IUI or IVF). It is done using transvaginal ultrasound probe. The process is done on outpatient basis and is not painful and causes only minimal discomfort
The first scan is usually done on day 2/3 of the cycle. This scan is important to rule out any retention cysts and to confirm proper shedding of endometrium. Subsequent scans are done on day 7 onwards and then every day or alternate day depending on the growth of the follicle. A mature follicle is one when it reaches the size of 18-20mm. Each follicle usually has one egg inside it. Only one follicle develops in a natural cycle. While in stimulated cycles the aim is to form multiple follicles depending upon the treatment planned. The usual aim is to get 1-3 follicles in IUI Treatment cycle and 12-15 follicles in IVF Treatment cycle.
In women taking fertility medication for IUI or IVF , it is essential to assess her response to treatment. In order to safely proceed, it is important to know how many eggs will ovulate and therefore follicular monitoring plays an important role. Sometimes, a blood test -serum estradiol is also performed in addition to the ultrasounds. Each mature egg should produce between 150 and 200 pg / ml of estradiol. Therefore, by using the hormone levels in conjunction with the ultrasound exam, a more accurate determination of a woman’s response to treatment can be made.
On an average a woman needs 5-7 scans in a IUI or IVF cycle At Fertility Square, we ensure a hassle-free appointment schedule to ensuring complete convenience during your treatment ensuring minimal interference in your work schedules and other regular commitments.