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ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Array is a diagnostic test which helps to find the optimal time of embryo transfer during the IVF Treatment to achieve a successful outcome. It has been suggested that the endometrium is receptive to the embryos only for a specific time period and that period is called the window of implantation. ERA helps in determining the personal window of implantation and therefore the exact time during which the embryos should be transferred. ERA is specifically indicated in:

  • For patients with repeated implantation failures with embryos of good morphological quality (at least 3 failed embryo transfers for women younger than 37 years or 2 failed transfer in women older than 37 years).
  • For patients with a normal uterus and with normal endometrial thickness (≤6mm), in which no problems are apparent.

The test involves taking an endometrial biopsy in a dummy cycle. The biopsied endometrium is sent for ERA and the reports are generated as receptive or non-receptive. A receptive report indicates that the window of implantation is located on the day of taking the sample and the embryo transfer under same conditions as for biopsy.
A non- receptive result shows displaced window of implantation. In such cases the ERA predicts the window of implantation and it is recommended to do embryo transfer as per the suggestions to maximise the success of the IVF Treatment.

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