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Embryo freezing
Embryo Cryopreservation or Embryo Freezing is a process where in embryos are frozen at -196 degrees in liquid nitrogen by the process of vitrification.
The various indication for embryo freezing are:

  • Surplus leftover embryos after IVF/ ICSI treatment can be frozen and can be used in future cycles.
  • Hyper responders in IVF Treatment – some women undergo hyper stimulation and form excess number of eggs and have high hormones. In such women embryos are frozen and transferred in a remote cycle to avoid the risk of hyperstimulation syndrome.
  • Some women with poor ovarian reserve and poor responders to IVF undergo multiple cycles of ovarian stimulation, Egg Retrieval and IVF. The embryos are created and frozen. The cycles are repeated till sufficient number of good quality embryos are collected. These are then used for IVF treatment and embryo transfer later.
  • Couples with advanced age and who are not yet ready to have children, can freeze embryos and plan pregnancy as per their convenience without worrying about the biological clock.
  • Couples with genetic disorder that can affect reproduction, or who are taking medicines or treatment which can affect fertility.

The frozen embryos can be kept in this state for indefinite time period. The embryos can be thawed and used anytime in future to achieve pregnancy. At Fertility Square, we use the Vitrification technique for Freezing embryos. With this technique, the post thaw embryo survival is usually 100%. The success rates of IVF Treatment with frozen embryos are similar to fresh embryo IVF treatment.