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Donor Egg IVF or IVF with Donor Eggs
As the name suggests, Donor Egg IVF Treatment means IVF with eggs from an egg donor. This form of IVF treatment may be needed in women with:

  • Advanced age/ Post-menopausal
  • Poor ovarian reserve/ Poor responders in IVF
  • Poor oocyte quality
  • Women with repeated IVF failures with self-eggs
  • When there is risk of transmission of genetic disease in the off spring
  • Women with Repeated abortions
  • Women who have undergone oophorectomy/ Iatrogenic Menopause

A typical donor egg cycle involves the following steps:

  • Selection and recruitment of egg donor- The egg donor suitable for the recipient is recruited from registered egg donor agencies. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines, egg donation is an anonymous process. These women are young and healthy, usually having at least one child of their own. They are between the age of 21 and 35 years who are willing to donate eggs with the consent of their spouse. They undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation and are screened for infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis etc.
  • Cycle synchronization of the donor and the recipient.
  • Ovarian stimulation of the donor and simultaneous endometrial preparation of the recipient female partner.
  • Egg retrieval of the egg donor and IVF/ ICSI using husband’s sperm sample. 4.
  • Embryo transfer on day3/5 in the recipient female partner.

The success rates with Donor egg IVF are usually high as the egg donors are young women with proven fertility. At Fertility Square, The IVF clinic the success rates with Donor egg IVF range from 60-80%