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Our Successful Stories

“I am more than grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful phenomenon called – Motherhood.”

Sometimes when you have almost given up… God always creates a miracle or shine a ray of hope!
That has happened for us in the form of Dr. Manisha Kundnani – my Fertility Specialist.It took me 5 years of struggle and countless visits & treatments with 3-4 Doctors to finally meet Dr. Kundnani & have my infertility/pregnancy issues get solved.And because of her belief and expertise only, here I am blessed with a beautiful daughter (after 6 years of marriage) – that too a normal delivery with no complications.

I had IUI done and believe it or not, we got lucky in first attempt only. 🙂

Best part about Dr. Kundnani is she gives you individual attention, answer all your queries patiently, and is definitely not money minded. – She guides you with all the options available and will never influence you to select costly procedures without doing full diagnosis, case study and background study.
She understands a patient’s state of mind & counsels them in between sessions – which has helped me immensely.

Minika K. Bhatia

“Making your own dreams come true is not really big, but helping other people to make their dreams come true is a commendable task.”

A big thanks to Dr. Manisha T Kundnani for making our dream come true.
You are specially created & blessed by God for spreading happiness to the needy person like me. You are really a gem kind of person. We had been battling with infertility for the last 4years. As every infertile couple knows, this means going to multiple doctors, multiple investigations & lots of stress. We had seen 6 failed IVF cycles before coming to Dr. Manisha. I had lost all my hope that I could ever be a mom. Because of my medical problems, in North India, mostly all doctors were recommending us to go for surrogacy. Then we came to know about Dr. Manisha from a friend of ours. After seeing all my previous investigations, she suggested me to go for at least 1 self IVF cycle along with her prescribed medicines rather than surrogacy. Finally, I got pregnant in the very first attempt with her treatment.

My pregnancy had been well guided by Dr. Manisha.

She responded to my queries immediately & was available at any time of the day. With her best wishes, we have been blessed with twins (boys), both weighing around 2.5kg.
We cannot thank you enough for the priceless gifts you have given us. You are not only a good doctor but a kind-hearted human being.
Keep up the good work. You will always be in my prayers.
Would like to convey our deepest gratitude.

Riya & Amit.

After more than 2 years of struggling with infertility and an endless number of unsuccessful IUIs and other reproductive medication I was guided by a friend to consult Dr. Manisha Kundnani.
I am from Dubai and she was in Mumbai so I was not very sure if it would really work but I was desperate at the time that I was willing to try anything to have a baby. I contacted her in Feb and she studied my reports and asked me to come over for a cavity test( Hysteroscopy) in April since the reason for my infertility was unclear. The test came normal and she said we can go ahead for IVF treatment since all other treatments had not worked so far. Even though she was in Mumbai and I was in Dubai she was constantly in touch and I was totally under her guidance for all medications to be taken before the start of IVF. The day finally came when I traveled to Mumbai to begin my IVF treatment. She and her team I must say took really good care of me and we were meeting almost everyday and she would do the screenings and was monitoring me very closely.

Thankfully, we were successful after the first round. We were blessed with a child within a year of contacting her for the 1st time. We credit Dr. Manisha and her team not only for their expert medical guidance but also their empathy and compassion to couples who are experiencing infertility. It is such a delicate issue – one that many people do not understand.
Dr. Manisha handled our questions and concerns with the utmost urgency, kindness, and support that we will never forget receiving from her!
In our opinion, she is the best doctor I have met to handle Infertility issues. We would recommend her services to anyone and everyone. I am very grateful to her for giving me my most precious gift and for the happiness that came with it.

Anonymous (Dubai)

Dr. Manisha and her staff are amazing. From the top-down, everyone is passionate, caring, and they know how to communicate their expert level of knowledge to the patient. They saved me from making a life-changing decision and if you are suffering from infertility I really recommend spending the time to go in for a visit.

Best wishes from The god gift given by Dr. Manisha Saumya and Shaurya

Abhay and Avani.

Me and my wife Mehak were completely depressed with our long-standing infertility and various treatments and experiments by various doctors and had lost all hopes till someone informed us about Dr. Manisha Kundnani in Mumbai. We saw a new ray of hope after meeting Dr. Manisha and decided to try one more time. No doubt your treatment was a miracle in our life. Though we were living more than 1300 kilometers away from your place but your distant and instant advise were always available to us.

Your continuous attention and time to time advice given a chance to us to become a parent of two beautiful kids. Madam, we and our entire family are always thankful to you as you have given us two beautiful flowers in our flower pot. Madam, you are nice, beautiful, well behaved, co-operative and caring fellow for us, and we can’t forget you.

Thank you.
Amit & Mahak Methwani
– Pendra Road, Distt.Bilaspur C.G.

Myself Trupti Mhambrey married since 12 years was childless.I got married in 2003 & since then was trying hard to conceive. My husband Santosh & me visited several Doctors & underwent several treatments to conceive. I did conceive four times in these twelve years but my pregnancy never went ahead & always resulted in a missed abortion. We were totally shattered & disappointed. Then one day I happened to visit Dr.Manisha Kundnani who suggested IVF for us. In 2013 when I underwent IVF Dr.Manisha told us that my egg quality was not that good but still she gave her best. My pregnancy result was negative. I was totally upset with the result. Meantime I took advice of other Doctors also who told me that I will conceive only with the help of donor eggs.

I immediately met Dr. Manisha & told her that I want to conceive with my own eggs, she gave me lot of hope & positivity & prescribed me medicines to improve my egg quality. I took the medicines until I was ready for my next IVF cycle. Dr. Manisha counselled me & comforted me & told me that she will do the IVF cycle with my own eggs. She put a ray of hope in us & we were hopeful as I wanted my own child & wanted to conceive with my own eggs.

Dr. Manisha made us think positive & hopeful & started the treatment for IVF. During the entire course of treatment she was extremely supportive & counselled us in a way which no other Doctors could do.

My test results were positive. We were so amazed & happy. She took good care of me during my pregnancy as well. During my pregnancy I was admitted because of bleeding, even at that point of time, she took a lot of care. She treated me & solved my bleeding issue.
Firstly I thank God for giving me a Dr.like Dr.Manisha & I also thank Dr. Manisha Kundnani and the whole team at Fertility Square for helping me achieve my dream of motherhood.
Trupti Mhambrey

Dear Dr. Manisha ma’am,
You are not just a doctor; you gave us the MORAL support like a family member that kept us always POSITIVE. Our heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff, who helped us in our difficult journey towards achieving parenthood. We were blessed with baby girl on Oct 30′ 2017. We “THANK YOU” for making our family complete by giving us little baby joy to our life. WILL FOREVER BE THANKFUL. We wish you great health and future to help more families to fulfill their dreams. Thank you for our happiness “SCULPTOR”!

Stay blessed always
Best regards

Its pleasure to express our Dreams which comes true at FERTILITY SQUARE with the great efforts of Dr. MANISHA KUNDANANI.
Me and My Wife got married on 30.04.2018. We are so happy. We never decided for planning because to became Parents its a GOD GIFT and you can not deny.The married life go happily. After 2 years we realise that something go’s wrong. We have met out Family doctors and discuss our issue. He gave a reference of Gynecologist. We met them and from that period pour most unforgettable journey start.We have met few doctors and they try hard to be give us success to became Parents, but everything goes in reverse direction. All the experiments and medicine my wife goes in DEPRESSION and we start to lose happiness from our Sweet Family.The days gone on an on………………………………………………………….
After spending at least more than 5 years we got the reference of Dr. MANISHA KUNDANANI. We already lose our hopes but our parents insist us to visit once to Dr. Manisha Kundanani. So as decided we met Dr. Manisha Kundanani at Fertility Square. She read our all files, listen to our situation very quietly and understand our situation. And let me tell you she is the First doctor how gave us the more than 40% chance to be have baby ( earlier doctor gave 15% – 20% ). She ask us to give 4 months duration resolve your problem and on that movement we decided we will go ahead and start our treatment at FERTILIY SQUARE. Doctors advise to go for IVF and we agreed for the same. After 3.5 months later she has done some test and gave the GOOD NEWS for which we are awaiting for last more that 7 years.
Doctor hold the Test Report and inform us with Smiley face that my Wife become PREGNANT. We heard and ask doctors please reconfirm the same beacuse its like dream comes true for us and for our family. After spending atleast 8 years of our marriage life the day come on 15th June 2016 on which me and wife hold our SWEET baby in our hand.
It is glad to tell everyone that if someone is facing issues for becoming Parents request you atleast visit once at FERTILITY SQUARE. I am dam sure you will never say no for Treatment.
Again we are very THANKFUL to Dr. MANISHA KUNDANANI and her team.


Sandeep Phasake / Shubahngi Phasake